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Hailed as the “Female Jerry Maguire..

Hailed as the “Female Jerry Maguire,” Molly Fletcher Joins Us To Talk About Her Career as a Sports Agent & Motivational Professional

Q: You acknowledge that you’re a trailblazer. For women entering the sports agent field, do you feel that there are any fewer hurdles to overcome than when you started? If so, what are they?MF: I would say there are fewer hurdles, but they still exist. Visibility matters and I think seeing other women thrive in t..

Making Her Second Chance of Life Co..

Making Her Second Chance of Life Count, An Exclusive Interview With Motivational Speaker, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

In 1995, Mercedes Ramirez Johnson narrowly survived a commercial airplane crash where about 160 people died, including her parents. As one of only four survivors of this tragedy, she vowed that she would make her second chance at life count... and that she has – not just for herself, but also for the tens of thous..


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With Over 29 Years in The Staffing ..

With Over 29 Years in The Staffing Industry, Meet Staffing Kansas City’s Co-Owner & VP of Sales & Marketing Roses Ammon

Q: Tell us how you were introduced to the staffing business.RA: I worked for a temporary agency while in school and always thought what a great job that would be to call on companies and help them find the right people for their needs.Q: What’s the best part of the work you do? What are some ways you gauge your success?RA: There are so many bests. My Why is I am happiest when I am helping/giving ..

She Has Always Been Drawn To One-of..

She Has Always Been Drawn To One-of-a-Kind Jewelry, With Each Piece Having Its Own Story. Globally Inspired, Meet Jewelry Designer, Poppy Zurcher

Poppy takes pride in her Jewelry Shows as well as with her Speaking Engagements. She’s a Seven-time cancer survivor, her motivational speeches are of Hope, Courage, and sharing ways to Focus away from health challenges. Q: So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.PZ: I was born in Greece, to a very poor fisherman and his wife. The youn..

A Kansas City Native With More Than..

A Kansas City Native With More Than 20 Years of Recruiting Experience. Meet Shelley Seibolt, President & Staffing Coordinator of Staffing Kansas City

Q: Can you share with our audience why you went into the staffing business?  SS: I graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Industrial Psychology. I wanted to pursue a career in Human Resources. My first career position was working within a Human Resources department for a large hotel in Dallas. I decided to move back to my hometown, Kansas City. I received a job offer as a recruiter for a Staffing ..


Health & Beauty

Her Passion For Providing Highly-Sk..

Her Passion For Providing Highly-Skilled Compassionate Chiropractic Care is Matched Only By Her Commitment to Treating Each of Her Patients Like One of The Family. Meet Kansas City Chiropractor, Dr. Megan Spoerl

Q: Why did you decide to go to Chiropractic school?MS: I had been planning to pursue a career in Physical Therapy until Thanksgiving in Nebraska with my family when my mom went from being perfectly fine to not being able to walk on her own. My aunt’s neighbor was a chiropractor and agreed to see her that evening, after one adjustment my mom was able to walk on her own and even made it for the trad..

She Helps People Feel Their Best. A..

She Helps People Feel Their Best. A Conversation With Health & Wellness Coach, Lisa Murphy

Q: For those in our audience not familiar with the services a Certified Life & Health Coach can provide, can you share some of the programs you have available?
LM: I work with people who are tired of not feeling well. I help them reclaim their health, so they feel great. Whether someone’s put on a few extra pounds, is dealing with a chronic health issue, or struggling to manage stress, I provide a..

She Provides Extensive Knowledge to..

She Provides Extensive Knowledge to a Growing Field Where She Specializes in Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic. A Conversation With Dr. Jen Santa Maria

Q: When did you know your career path would be as a Doctor of Chiropractic?JSM: In high school we had a program called exploring health professions. During this semester we were exposed to all sorts of medical opportunities, including chiropractic. I had grown up going to a chiropractor but had never considered it as a career path. After completing this semester I had a conversation with my chirop..


Women In Real Estate

She Creates The Best Real Estate Ex..

She Creates The Best Real Estate Experience Possible While Maintaining The Highest Level of Customer Service & Ethical Standards. Kansas City Real Agent, Cortney Stansbury

Q: Can you share with our audience how long you’ve been in Real Estate and why you chose if for your career path? CS: I started my career in Real Estate in 2014. In my previous life I was a retail banker, and I didn’t see myself moving over to the mortgage side of banking. I’ve always wanted a “sales” job that allowed me to get out and meet new people, plus I enjoy helping people achieve their goa..

Her Clients Satisfaction is The Ult..

Her Clients Satisfaction is The Ultimate Reward For Her Work to Make Home Buying & Selling a Positive Experience. Meet Kansas City Real Estate Agent, Rachel Griffin

Q: Can you share with us what made you decide to have a career in Real Estate? RG: I’ve always had a knack for interior design … I guess I’m just naturally good at it!I came from a pretty big family. The oldest of 7 brothers and sisters. I thought big dreams weren’t really a thing for me.However, when I met my husband, William, those big dream ideas changed. My husband and brother in law, Derrick,..

With a Dynamic Entrepreneurial Work..

With a Dynamic Entrepreneurial Work Ethic & An Empathetic, Understanding Soul, She’s a Surprising Mixture of Sugar & Spice! Meet Co-Founder & Realtor of Traditions Home Group, Nickole Stark

Nickole began her business experience in the tough world of retail. After successfully nurturing, expanding, and selling her retail businesses, she teamed up with her long-time friend, Shannon Stumpenhaus, to establish Tradition Home Group. 

Tackling a new endeavor is old hat to Nickole. While all new businesses are a risk, Nickole met every challenge head on with one goal in creat..


Women In Law

Family Law Attorney Mandee Pingel, ..

Family Law Attorney Mandee Pingel, is Proud to Provide Compassion & Strong Representation For Her Clients Throughout The Kansas City Area. Her Goal is to Guide Families Through the Step-By-Step Process of Their Case While Providing Accessible & Personalized Legal Representation.

Mandee is also an active member of many major legal organizations and contributes both time and resources in support of many local charities and important social causes.  She has a reputation for her unwavering compassion, empathy and ability to listen, while also using her skills of unyielding legal advocacy by staying up to date on legal precedent and developments and having a reputation for alw..

She Has Extensive Experience in The..

She Has Extensive Experience in The Fields of Trademarks, Copyrights & Related Intellectual Property Matters. Meet Kansas City Attorney, Cheryl Burbach

Q: When did you know you would pursue a career as an Attorney?CB: I received a full-ride scholarship in undergraduate school to participate in collegiate debate. I majored in political science and English. Given my background, law school seemed like a natural fit. Q: Can you share with our audience, the types of law you specialize in?CB: I specialize in intellectual property law. I generally han..

She is Immensely Passionate About R..

She is Immensely Passionate About Representing Real People In Their Most Personal Matters. An Exclusive Interview With Kansas City Attorney, Nicole Fisher

Q: What inspired you to attend law school?NF: I really wanted a professional career where I got the opportunity to help and interact with people.Q: What expectations did you have after graduating and receiving your law degree?NF: I’m not really sure I knew what to expect when I graduated … I was 23 years old when I graduated and really didn’t have a clue about the real world. I learned a lot ab..